Using ROBLOX Studio in the Classroom

What is ROBLOXedu?

ROBLOX is a place where adventures are had, games are made and played and kids learn - in a FREE immersive, 3D environment.

ROBLOXedu is a multi-faceted portal for teachers who want to use ROBLOX Studio in the classroom and students who want to learn how to create their own ROBLOX games.  We are not an official ROBLOX site.

How to use ROBLOXedu

There is a mix of self-generated and third-party content that you and your students can use to learn.  It is delivered via four channels.  For those new to ROBLOX and Studio, follow the tutorials in order:

  1. ROBLOX Tutorials - Learn how to play ROBLOX
  2. Studio Tutorials - How to use the ROBLOX Studio interface and tools
  3. LUA Coding - Write LUA code that will be executed in your world (Basics, Intermediate, Legends)
  4. Making Games - Make some games to play (Basics, Intermediate, Legends)

What is ROBLOX?

What is ROBLOX Studio?

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